Say hello to versatile

At Mobaro we have given our platform a complete facelift. By reshaping the design and functionality of the existing version we have created an intuitive and powerful platform that will make it even easier for parks and attractions.

From the moment you log into the app you will experience a whole new level of personalisation. Behind each tile you will find all the stuff you already know, but we have added some great new features and a reshaped user-friendly interface. You will be able to add your own profile picture and customise the position of each tile for optimal navigation.

The backbone of the Mobaro solution is the web administration. We have reshaped the layout and structure for enhanced versatility and user experience. The checklist administration, media galleries, scheduling calendar and operations dashboards have all been improved with the sole purpose of better supporting your daily operations.

A new checklist experience

The most essential part of the Mobaro solution are your safety and maintenance checklists. We have optimised the way you create, edit, distribute and adapt checklists to fit any given situation. The result is an easy-to-use checklist editor in the web administration that helps you save time when managing safety and maintenace. The flows and navigation through the app are smoother than ever, making it easy to use on the go.

Some of the great new stuff:

– Easy sectioning of each check ensures a clean overview

– Drag’n’drop creation and editing of checklists saves time

– Continuous auto-saving of progress means that you will never lose valuable information

– Pictures and support documentation, such as risk assessments, reference manuals, etc. can now be attached to every checklist section, making it possible to support even more scenarios with visual evidence.

– ‘Conditions’ feature enabling the user to adapt a checklist to any specific situation, e.g deviations

Intuitive and user-friendly dashboards

The dashboard is where you as a park manager get the complete overview of your attraction’s operational status. With the new Mobaro dashboards, you won’t just get a real-time overview of operations and readiness, a bunch of new insights will be brought to your attention for instant action.

Here’s what’s new:

– Personalised login with the option to insert a profile picture

– ‘Average task response time’ section showing how your team is performing

– ‘Park readiness’ section highlighting which areas need attention

– ‘Outstanding tasks’ module giving a quick overview of neglected assignments and processes

– ‘Schedule’ overview showing each user all relevant activities chronologically

Clever tasking

What if task management across operational and technical management and staff could be done in a snap? And imagine if you could track and monitor the progress of any task all the way from initiation to completion. With the reshaped Mobaro, now you can.

In the new tasking module you can add a task description, start- and end date, and attach media to any task. In addition, now you have the option to:

– Register and monitor step-by-step the progress of any tasks

– Use a dedicated activity log to browse the history of any task

The new feature additions make you capable of improving and adapt the task management process to meet your exacting needs and those of your business.

Enhanced safety check schedule

With the new calendar feature, setting up schedules and patterns to master your safety and maintenance checks will seem like a walk in the park. The graphic presentation of all published checklists lets you control all specific date, recurring and continuous checklist publications, all from one place. That way all your checklists will always display the current operational status of your park or attraction.

Some of the new features:

– Graphic calendar for fast and easy scheduling of all your checklists, including both scheduled ones and those used on an ad hoc basis such as internal auditing checklists and for special seasonal events held on the park.

– Option to add exceptions on specific checklists, e.g. if one of your rides are closed during a given period

– Option to create patterns for recurrence of checklists with a specific setup